Music with Mar., created by Maryann (Mar.) Harman, is an internationally respected company dedicated to the use of music and movement in child development.  It has many aspects including workshops to provide quality teacher training, an interactive program for parents and children to participate in together, licensing of qualified individuals and the production of the supportive materials that use the latest brain research findings.

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Closest Local Class: Tues 4995 49th Street North – formerly All Star Pediatrics St. Pete Tamara M 10 a.m.

Music with Mar. ~~

  • Class length is 45minutes
  • Adult attend with Child
  • Cost is $7.00/session or $30.00 for a block of five classes
    • ~do not need to make consecutive weeks;
    • ~must be w/instructor purchased from
    • ~$30 card expires in 2 months
    • ~price per family/not per child
    • ~not separated by ages; learn from other ages
  • Activities include:
    • puppets
    • rhythm instruments
    • kazoos
    • bean bags
    • parade
    • books