Summer 2012 Activities

When I first started looking for things to do for my little girl, I was overwhelmed with looking up every library website – jotting down the storytimes or printing out schedules for every place I could think of.  Then before I got the site up and going, I decided to make a “Master Schedule” of our favorite things.  At first, I wasn’t sure what our favorites would be so I put all the local storytimes that were age appropriate.  I put Open Gym at Tampa Bay Turners because my sister works there and I knew we’d be going to that one a lot.  I found some other activities like Music with Mar, and Noisemakers and I put a slot for my Moms Club(r) Playgroup.  I even took it one step further and color coded the activities according to type.  i.e. Purple for music, Red for Storytime, etc.  With this posted on our fridge, I could easily remind myself of when things were happening and make plans with my fellow Mommy friend (at the time, I only had ONE!)

Attached is a Word document that you can use in the same fashion.  When visiting our site you can search for activities based on the day, type, etc.  When you find something you like – simply write it down on the corresponding day.  If it’s something that happens weekly, consider typing it in and printing it out so you’ll have your own Master Schedule.  I tried to aim for at least one small activity four out of the five days and it wasn’t hard.  It made sure that we got up, got dressed and left our house for some quality time to MAKE MEMORIES!