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Rainy Days

Ideas for Rainy Days in Tampa Bay.

Go somewhere busy and people watch. Make up stories about what they might be doing.

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Collect and paint rocks.

Give them as “thinking of you” gifts for people to put in their garden.

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Playing ‘restaurant’: make the menus set the table take orders serve (& clean up)

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Make a family “newspaper” of recent events or happenings

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Print and Play Boardgames from Disney Fun

Perfect for a rainy day!  Kids “bored” with all of these current BOARD games?  Disney has a solution… print and play board games. ***You might want to make these ahead of time, or perhaps have the kids assemble the game as a rainy day activity.

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Tour Tropicana Field

Tropicana Field Ballpark Tours provides a behind-the-scenes view of Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays. Witness where sensational sights have taken place, walk through the hallowed hallways, and engage in a once in lifetime experience in the only domed stadium in Major League Baseball! Tour Highlights Gate 1 Rotunda modeled after Ebbets Field [...]

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Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Use Post-It notes to write clues of where the kids should look next.  If your kids are not able to read yet – draw basic items (i.e. t.v., the fridge). Hide a special rainy day treat at the end of the hunt. For what some might call the “Over Achieving Mom” (btw, I hate that [...]

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Go to Ikea

If you don’t mind driving to Tampa in the rain, take a trip over to Ikea.  Their cafe features inexpensive eats, the furniture is bright and fun and it just might be that perfect change of scenery.

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Make it a Movie Day!

If your kids are too young – pile up pillows in your own living room, take advantage of the darkened sky, pop some popcorn and pop in a DVD.  Ideally, it would be cool to keep a “Special DVD” set aside for rainy days and not their usual “go to flick”. If your kids can [...]

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Make a Music Video

Most smartphones have video capibility nowadays, or perhaps you have an older camcorder laying around getting dusty? Pick a favorite kids tune and let your kiddo’s “Rock Out” and create their own music video. They will get a little of those excess wiggles out AND will be so proud to show Daddy (or other relatives) [...]

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