This authentic New Orleans snoball stand is located next to Middle Ground on Gulf Blvd in Treasure Island.  If you have never had a New Orleans style snoball – you really need to check this place out.  You will never want a “sno-cone” with that crunchy hard ice with barely any juice.  These snoballs are creamy smooth and have plenty of flavor.  Check out their website for a list (a loooooong list) of flavors available.

Seating is somewhat limited on a deck located in front of the stand.  There are a few umbrellas for shade, but luckily your treat will help keep you cool.

FYI – there are no restrooms.

Sugar free flavors are available.

From their website

We are a family run business of New Orleans natives that transplanted our family in Florida. Missing the taste of summer treats that our family so loved, we decided to bring a taste of that heavenly snow to Florida.


  • Sunday- 12:30- 8pm
  • Monday- 2:30- 9pm
  • Tuesday- 2:30- 9pm
  • Wednesday- 12:30- 9pm
  • Thursday- 2:30- 9pm
  • Friday- 2:30- 10pm
  • Saturday- 12:30-10pm