Things to Do for Kids came about because I was tired of sitting on the computer for hours looking for things to do with my now 14 month old daughter.  (Update: 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son!) I would pick up the local magazines at the grocery store and look for age appropriate things for us to do only to find ads upon ads and listings for galas, fundraisers and rock concerts.  Of course, those things are fun too – but I wanted to find a one stop place to find things to do JUST FOR KIDS.

Not only did I want to find listings that were JUST FOR KIDS, I wanted to be able to find things FAST!  I love taking my daughter to Storytime, so I decided to look at all the local storytimes in Pinellas County.  As far as I could find there wasn’t just one site I could go to for this… so I opened up Microsoft Word and clicked EVERY link for EVERY library in our county and made a schedule.  (whew, just remembering how long that took makes me sleepy).

Realizing not every new mom, mom of multiple kiddos, working mom, or just not tech-savvy mom has time to do this… I came up with the idea for  Thankfully, my husband is a programmer and designed this BEAUTIFUL website for me!

I hope you will find it useful and I’d love to have your feedback and/or suggestions for listings.


Remember – just because you are a “Stay at Home Mom” does NOT mean you have to be STUCK AT HOME! Get out there and see what Pinellas County has to offer!